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MISSION COMMAND™ is the delivery of an unsurpassed standard of capability to effectively enable friendly nation state organisations and forces to counter a broad spectrum of threats, both symmetric and asymmetric. From conventional capability development to high-end specialist military and law enforcement tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) MISSION COMMAND™ is the most effective series of programmes available. Delivered by current and experienced subject matter experts, supported by the latest innovative equipment advisories, the range of MISSION COMMAND™ programmes and products are designed to ensure forces are:


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GROUND TRUTH™ is the facilitation of market growth through the improvement of an organisations relationships, accountability and execution. Ground Truth is a military term. It involves small teams deploying forward and operating as the ‘eyes and ears’ for key decision makers, informing those empowered and responsible for making the right call every time, often at a strategic level. The corner stone is honesty. Keel Strategic have taken this methodology and unsurpassed experience in the delivery of ground truth operations and adapted it for commercial clients. Through it, Keel Strategic delivers honest and accurate accountability and complete oversight of business operations through the forward collection, assimilation, assessment and dissemination of the relevant information. Gained through an overlay of existing networks and relationships GROUND TRUTH™ ultimately provides greater piece of mind, whilst enhancing the effectiveness of our clients’ decision-making.
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