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Specialist Capability and Training Programmes.

Mission Command™ is the delivery of an unsurpassed standard of capability to effectively enable friendly nation-state organisations and forces to counter a broad spectrum of threats, both symmetric and asymmetric.

From our Specialist Unit Training Centre SUTC ™ located in central Europe we can deliver a complete package of specialist capability and training programmes using the latest NATO standard facilities and real estate, intrinsically supported by Keels cutting-edge equipment procurement services.


  • Intelligence Development and Targeting
  • Conventional Military Training (Land/Sea/Air)
  • Elite Military Training (Land/Sea/Air)
  • Counter Terrorist Training
  • Paramilitary and Law Enforcement Training
  • Counter Narcotics
  • Strategic Command and Control (In association with Cross Lead – (www.crosslead.com)
  • National Security and Interagency Command and Fusion
  • National Crisis Management
  • National key decision maker development (training and mentoring)


Objective Outcome

Current capability testing.
A completely confidential 3rd party assessment of current capability.
Identification of areas for concern and development.
Capability measured against current and future threats.

Design Command and control (C2) model.
Support infrastructure.
Communications model (secure strategic to tactical).
Planning and decision making development.
Sub-unit development programmes.
Complementary Equipment Procurement Programmes
Build Deployed C2 advisory teams.
Expert instructor and mentoring teams.
Training the trainer programmes.
Exercise Scenarios.
Simulation Capability.
Execute Crisis management support.
Real-time targeting support.
Embedded specialist mentors.
Assess Continuous assessment process.
Lesson identification and capture.
Continuous capability development to counter developing threat.

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    Keel Strategic
    Keel Strategic’s formation in 2010 was the collaborative work of a number of people from across the emerging investment world, military command and business leadership with the common desire for market growth and raising the standard of services in support of this goal. We are an eclectic mix of business, banking, military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals who believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.