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A highly skilled mix of business, banking, military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals who believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Grian™ Solar

Grian™ Solar is an innovative remote energy solution that can be deployed anywhere in the world by Keel Strategic via land, sea or air to provide rapid, stable and eco-friendly electricity. Keel Strategic have partnered up with a company called Electro Group to design a rapidly deployable system that has never before been seen. With our military experience, and the technical support and ingenuity of Electro Group, we have come up with a concept that has the power to revolutionize the solar energy industry.

Our experience in the military field allowed us to identify a common problem occurring to citizens and colleagues alike in our global pursuits. This is the issue of using diesel fuels to harness power in remote areas and hostile environments. Diesel presents a myriad of challenges, the main ones being hazardous transportation, difficulty storing and its effect on the environment. However, for many projects and remote villages without access to a power supply, this form of energy is their only choice.

This is where the inspiration for Grian™ was first sparked. We came up with a way to swiftly deploy a clean energy solution to any hostile or remote environment. Not only can Grian™ be deployed anywhere globally within a matter of hours, it takes just 30 minutes to set up and has enough energy to light up around 20 small homes. Grian™ is the ideal solution for any company or organization that has a need for fast, powerful energy. We have identified key areas in which Grian™ is the ideal response. These include: disaster relief agencies, medical services lacking power supply, military agencies operating in hostile zones, charitable organisations and NGOs and companies who want to offset their carbon footprint.

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To learn more about this groundbreaking solar energy product and its associated services, please visit the Grian™ Solar website here:

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Keel Strategic’s formation in 2010 was the collaborative work of a number of people from across the emerging investment world, military command and business leadership with the common desire for market growth and raising the standard of services in support of this goal. We are an eclectic mix of business, banking, military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals who believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.