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About Keel Strategic™

Global strategic problem solvers who believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. 

Who we are

Keel Strategic™ was founded in 2010. The purpose of the amalgamation of these professionals from different working disciplines was to raise the standard of services in strategic problem-solving. Keel Strategic™ cater for those requiring assistance in the teaching of military strategy, the oversight of critical decision making and the implementation of corporate support programmes.

We are also passionate about the delivery of sustainable energy. Through our innovative energy solution, Grian™, we can provide sustainable power for militaries, aid agencies, disaster relief, expeditions and remote populations.

Keel Strategic
Keel Strategic’s formation in 2010 was the collaborative work of a number of people from across the emerging investment world, military command and business leadership with the common desire for market growth and raising the standard of services in support of this goal. We are an eclectic mix of business, banking, military, intelligence and law enforcement professionals who believe in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.