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Ground Truth is the facilitation of market growth through the improvement of an organisations relationships, accountability and execution. Keel was recently featured in Resource Global Network (RGN), in a 12 page feature covering our Ground Truth service from its inceptions and practical applications to what it will hold for the future.

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Extreme Problem Solving

Extreme Problem Solving


“The sheer amount of complexity in Iraq means treading the right path is key to existence. The recent threat has added further complexity, but there are still massive opportunities there in many sectors”

Middle East Team Leader, Ground Truth


Resource companies face great risks and obstacles when entering new countries, markets or partnerships, and the best opportunities often lie in the most challenging environments.

Despite a company’s best efforts, it is not unusual for local risk factors to cause big problems further down the line; whether they be reneged contracts, faulty equipment, labour strikes or delayed shipments. Ground Truth, an intelligence-led business facilitation service from Keel Strategic, aims to help resource companies solve such problems and – if engaged early enough – ensure a smooth-running project from start to finish.

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