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The threat against high profile organisations and individuals has increased, whilst the spectrum 
of attack methods has widened. Keel Strategic understands the complex nature of today’s range
 of threats. We have harnessed our extensive and collective experience and the result is our product Soteria. Developed in close consultation with our existing clients Soteria can deliver Understanding, Training and Contingency against any organisations threat.

The Process

Keel Soteria


Objective Outcome
Assess Understand our clients requirements
Assess and understand the operating environment
Fully understand the component nature of our clients threat
Reconnoitre and assess all relevant locations and venues
Assess, understand and liaise with all relevant local interlocutors, partners, official authorities and services
Design Work with our clients to ensure all subtleties are identified and addressed
Presentation of findings to key management
Interactive sessions to ensure a fit for purpose service and delivery
War-Game all courses of action.
Present Strategic Plan for programme delivery and support
Select the necessary delivery team
Build Position the delivery team
Configure the selected training modules
Write and implement the necessary standard operating procedures and protocols.
Shape the necessary contingency options
Rehearse and sign off
Execute Activate all programmes and services.
Train all necessary personnel
Rehearse all contingency services
Assess Constant assessment to understand and update threats, inform
planning and decision making, implement protocol adjustments and
profile amendments


Understanding the Environment

The cornerstone of planning to counter threat is the complete understanding of the operating environment. This understanding must be as broad as the spectrum of threat it presents. Keel Strategic knows that time spent in reconnaissance is time well spent. A key aspect of the ASSESS phase is to get forward and fully evaluate the clients operating environment and identify possible pinch points. The Assess phase can include:

  • Assessing a clients Standard Operating Procedures (if they exist)
  • Understanding the clients operating requirements
  • Assess all existing national and local threats
  • Reconnoiter all related points of entry
  • Reconnoiter all related locations, venues, accommodation, and social sites
  • Reconnoiter all emergency capability and procedures.
  • Vet all associated individuals, partners, companies, and agencies
  • Assess and establish links to all national security capabilities

Training to Counter Threat

Keel Strategic has developed a number of threat mitigation training programmes specifically geared to support international companies, organisations and teams. The Counter Threat Training Programmes are designed to ensure that participants are prepared to face the challenges of visiting operating and completing in a wide range of potentially hostile and challenging environments. Working with our clients Keel Strategic produces Tier 1 programmes attuned to individual organisation requirements.

Unlike most hostile environment programmes, Keel Strategic has ensured that all Counter Threat Training Programmes are interactive with lots of focus on practical learning sessions. This minimises classroom power point and encourages understanding and application of the various skill sets. Lessons and practical sessions are delivered by UK Special Forces Instructors. The programme is constantly adjusted and updated to ensure information and procedure currency and accuracy.

Contingency support

Keel Strategics emergency response services and the supporting elements are designed to ensure effective contingency ‘back up’ for clients whilst traveling and operating overseas. Utilizing land transport, maritime, aviation, tracking, travel management tools, satellite imagery, medical, intelligence, diplomatic, military and civil authorities Keel Strategic can ensure complete contingency coverage in emergency situations including:

  • Production and implementation of bespoke contingency plans
  • Emergency extraction of personnel
  • Safe havens
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Medical evacuation
  • Kidnap and ransom support
  • Trained negotiators
  • National and local authority liaison
  • Tracking and travel management tools