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Keel Strategic know all about project delivery in difficult locations. Through our knowledge and experience we have been able to develop Cohesion, a product that provides quality human resource support to the natural resource and energy markets.

Its modular design can competitively deliver everything from single subject matter expert placements to ‘turn key’ human resource solutions in support of projects anywhere around the globe.

Cohesion is about unity of effort. The success or failure of a project is dependent upon it’s team. From project management to locally employed staff, the cohesion of a team is vital.  It’s in our DNA and our company has been built through cohesion.

The Process

Keel Cohesion



Objective Outcome
Assess Understanding the intricacies of the requirement
Assisting and advising on project HR planning
Production of bespoke HR delivery plans
Production of staff preparation and deployment training plans
Design Reach across a broad spectrum of natural resource HR
Know and understand the capabilities of our contracting team
Design bespoke and cohesive HR solutions to unique projects delivered in unique environments
Monitor and adjust our selection process in line with client’s requirements.
Build In-house and networked based
Subtle but extensive
Inherent element of Keel Strategics unique recruitment service to our clients
Constantly monitored and adjusted
Execute Every aspect of the team’s requirements.
Payroll and accounting support.
Travel/Visa support.
Exemplary assurance/insurance cover
Medical assessments and ‘fit to travel’ certification
NOK/medical emergency support
In-country life support packages
Hostile environment staff preparation
Specific staff training packages
Local national staff development programmes (VPSHR) & (NIBOSH)
Assess In conjunction with our clients we continuously assess our teams
We test and adjust our practices in accordance with each requirement
Specialists in mentoring programmes we implement and mange effective project capability glide paths


We deliver what you as the client want. We engage in the planning early. We aim to understand and contribute to the delivery of solutions. This process is critical to our mutual understanding of
the requirement. Through early engagement Keel Strategic can best deliver a ‘fit for purpose’ HR solution to any scenario.


We take the selection of our people very seriously. We understand the natural resource industry and the people required to make it work. Our links across a wide spectrum of international
industry experts ensures that we have access to the best professionals in the specific fields of Project Management, Logistics, Health and Safety, Security and Medical Support. Unlike our
competitors, we actually deploy selection teams forward to assist with local human resources selection, conducting in-country selection processes and ensuring we build teams fit for purpose.


A key part of a project success is reliant upon knowing your team. Understanding who you have and how to get the most from them is critical to team cohesion. Our vetting processes are subtle
and extensive. We deploy teams forward to vet on site and assisting with the delivery of local national HR solutions.

Management and Development

Cohesions approach to the management and development of Our Placements and your team is comprehensive and progressive. We offer a ‘turn key ‘ package to our clients that includes, full payroll and accounting support. A market leading package of health and benefit cover, including cover in hostile environments. A full travel and visa assistance service to safely and efficiently get your team to task. Our preparatory programs ensure that Placement individuals are fully ready to deploy. It includes full medical screening, Hostile Environment Training (HET), bespoke and current regional and specific country briefs, up-to-date threat and risk assessments. Through our partners we can provide full medical and medical evacuation support to any project team anywhere.

Our local national staff development programmes can be delivered on site and through an extensive range of languages. We can deliver training across a wide range of expertise and can configure our deployable training teams to meet the requirement. Cohesions expertise in design and implementation of mentoring programmes will ensure a cost effective and efficient ‘glide path’ to a capable and cohesive local project team.

Assessment and Adaptation

Unlike many HR providers, Cohesion is not about hiring and forgetting Placements. We actively engage with our clients to ensure our people are preforming to the highest standards. We seek to adopt our client’s performance measuring metrics and apply them to our people on task. This coupled with our own performance assessment criteria ensures a complete and balance view of out-put and achievement. We seek to adapt our delivery at every opportunity, ensuring optimum results. Our mentoring programmes are continually assessed to ensure milestones are reached, in budget and on time. Our people are our hallmark and we tirelessly ensure that they deliver to our client’s satisfaction.